Investments & Savings

How often do you look at your investments and think ‘I should do something with them’?

But what? You may have a variety of bonds, NISAs and other savings spread across various companies and funds. It is an exercise in itself just to work out how much it is all worth. Then, to calculate which investments have been most profitable. And finally, to make the decision to make a change.

It is often easier just to leave it for another day.

This means that you are not maximising the growth potential from your hard-earned assets. An investment portfolio should be analysed to ensure that it is suited to your needs in terms of investment risk and asset allocation (the spread of investments designed to give the best opportunity for growth with the minimum risk). It then needs ongoing monitoring and rebalancing to keep it on track.

Any investment recommendations must also take taxation into account.

The ‘wrapper’ around your investment may be just as important as the investment itself. By using ISAs, onshore and offshore bonds, and other options, you can potentially save a fortune in tax.

Pettecrew Financial Planning Ltd can provide a review of all your arrangements and then review them each year to ensure that they continue to be suitable for your objectives.

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