Tax year end planning: pensions

The new tax rules are due from 6 April, but there is still plenty to consider before then. The current tax year has been a transitional one on the pension front. It has seen the annual allowance reduced by 20% to £40,000 and the lifetime allowance cut by a sixth to £1.25m. There has also […]

Tax year end planning: investments

The Budget is on 18 March and the tax year ends on Easter Sunday (5 April). This year’s Budget will take place within a fortnight of Parliament winding up ahead of the general election on 7 May. That means little time to pass legislation, so there may be another Budget (of some sort) after the […]

Inheriting your partner’s Individual Savings Account

More details have emerged about how ISAs can be inherited. One of the rabbit-out-the-hat features of December’s Autumn Statement was the announcement that if you outlived your spouse or civil partner you could ‘inherit’ their ISA. It sounded an attractive option, but the idea was far from developed when Mr Osborne made it public at […]

Is the government wising up to pensions?

The Treasury has rebranded its ‘guidance guarantee’. The ‘guidance guarantee’ was one feature of the new pension tax regime on which the Chancellor placed considerable emphasis when he made his surprise Budget announcement last March. The initial consultation paper said “…choice on its own is not enough. Consumers need to be able to make informed […]

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