MSCIng Out

One of the main stock market index providers made an important decision on China in June. There was a time, long ago, when stock market indices were simple yardsticks, mainly of interest to professional investment managers. These days the number of indices has hugely proliferated – you name it and there is probably an index […]

Buy-to-let gets squeezed

The Summer Budget contained two important changes to buy-to-let taxation. In the run up to the July Budget there were a number of stories in the press about the generosity of the tax treatment enjoyed by buy-to-let landlords. Whether or not these were planted by the Treasury, it is probably no coincidence that Mr Osborne […]

Dividends and tax – a Summer Budget surprise

One of the surprises of the Summer Budget was announcement of new tax rules for dividends from April 2016. Dividend taxation has long been one of the more arcane parts of the UK’s complex tax regime. For many years, dividends have had their own tax rates and a 10% tax credit that has not been […]

The £1,000,000 inheritance tax exemption

Mr Osborne has made good his manifesto commitment to ease the burden of inheritance tax, but his approach is not simple. One of the surprises in the Conservative manifesto was the proposal to create a new transferable main residence band of £175,000 per person for inheritance tax (IHT). The idea was criticised by many, including […]

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